Harley Davidson have utilised many different transmissions in the hundred or so years of production since the early days of 1903.

They range from three speeds to six speeds, the latter design appearing in 2006. However the vast majority of transmissions out there in service will be five speed variants as all Big Twin from 1983 to 2006 and all Sportsters from 1991 used this format.

In recent years Harley have become more focused on what their prospective and existing customers require. They keep a very keen eye on the aftermarket, and copy what is trending or cool quite quickly there after.

Pictured below are a few examples of transmission work we have undertaken recently. Suffice to say we have all the proper equipment and expertise to rebuild your Harley gearbox to an exacting standard.

Internals of a Harley 6 speed gearbox

Ironhead Sportster Andrews gearbox, Trock trap door

Sportsters are often maligned for their bad gear selection and clutch action. Whilst this can be the case, the design of the parts is quite good and decent set up and most importantly the right grade of oil makes them nicer to use.

Drilling HD 4 speed case for thread repair

Harley 45 gearbox and internals

HD 5 speed FXR and Softail gearbox cases

4 speed gearbox oil seal installation tool

Blueprint Engineering can rebuild every model of Harley-Davidson transmission and in many instances upgrade to higher specification parts available from Andrews's products.

Please call Joe on 01902 338265 9am to 6pm, who will be happy to help.