Project and Chassis work

Here at Blueprint Engineering when we aren’t involved in building high performance engines or rebuilding gearboxes, we can take on projects, whether it be a ground up rebuild, or a part assembling the complicated parts for a client. Currently in the stable is an XLCR Sportster from 1977.

The XLCR Cafe racer models were rare even when they were new (1977/8/9) and now command very high prices. This is a major project for us, it was taken on from a client who wanted a no expense spared rebuild encompassing every part, a complete engine rebuild, and then everything else. Progress has been a trifle slow of late, it is very time consuming turning a pile of parts into a beautiful concours machine. 

Parts get sent to various sub contactors in the locality, for a variety of processes, including chrome plating, powder-coating, polishing, and painting. The oil tank has just returned from painting. The engine parts were bead blasted here at Blueprint, this is one of our services.

This 89 inch Evolution stroker engine chopper was built quite a few years ago, it has done many thousands of miles since being built and has also been drag raced at Long Marston doing an 11 second ¼ mile.

Another project that requires small amount of customer input for completion is the café racer below. This is a 96 inch combination stroker and big bore engine all from S&S, the reputable supplier from Viola Wisconsin.

If you have a project that you would like some assistance with, or would like completely built, then I would be happy to discuss it with you.

Services include
Tyre fitting and balancing
Painting and pin-striping
Chrome plating
Powder coating

Call Joe on 01902 338265 9am to 6pm, who will be happy to help.